Domače dobrote Metka



Local origin

Our delights are prepared by local produced ingredients. We also harvest some of them but the majority is bought by many other farmers in the Vipava valley.


From fresh fruit & vegetable

Our products are prepared from fresh fruit and vegetable in their harvesting season.


Gluten & lactose & sugar free

Our products are plant based. Many of them are prepared without adding sugar.

Authentic and innovative products prepared with fruit, vegetable and wild plants

Homemade and local
from seed to spoon

Vipava valley is full of many edible fruits through all the year beacuse of mild Mediterranead clime. Therefore, it gives us plenty of ideas to prepare innovative delights.

My aim is to revive almost forgotten tastes of less known or or less attractive fruits of nature. For more presented fruits and vegetable in our local area I am always looking for authentic, new combinations.

Finnaly I am very proud to collaborate with more than 20 farmers in our valley. With buying fresh fruit and vegetable from them I am not just helping farmers to sell any surplus, but also helping to preserve our cultivated landscape.

Points of sale

Find our products in small shops with local products allover our country.
You can buy delights also at our home.


Are you exploring our nice country? Don’t hesitate to taste Vipava valley through autentic fruit&vegetable flavours.

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